When people think of meditation they generally see someone sitting cross-legged on a beach or on top of a mountain. But I was slapped in the face recently by my own narrow-mindedness. My wife and five-year old son went on a day hike/camping trip (my son’s first camping trip) and I started to see everyone out at the break of dawn getting in their boats to go fishing. I have known about people hunting, fishing, way early in the morning because it’s the best time to do so. But it wasn’t until we stopped for lunch by the river on or camping trip that I realized that all these morning rituals where a form of meditation in themselves. Sitting quietly in a or up in a tree stand boat at four in the morning is in my opinion definitely a form of meditation. So I started to think about other rituals do we as humans that may be considered a form of meditation. First thing to pop up in my mind was wake and bake or any time of the day you get to sit down and enjoy a toke or two. Think about it: deep calming breathes in and out letting go of the stress of the day, you’re just adding a little herbal inhalant to your deep breaths. Maybe that’s not your thing maybe you go on long walks/runs and find our self focusing on your breath or the pain in your calves. This can be a form of meditation and actually help you get through the pain faster, among many other reasons running can leave you laughing for no reason just because of the endorphins. Maybe you like to take a long quite drive just enjoying the sound of the engine clearing your mind. Maybe your only time to your self is in the shower where you sit for as long as possible just trying to clear your mind of all the day has brought. In the end what I’m trying to get at is that most people seek out some form of meditation in their life, whether it’s fishing, running, hitting the shower, or just going for a drive, we all seem to seek out some form of meditation, some kind of peace in our life. Life is short but we have plenty of time if we can just learn not to care about the things that hold us back in life and focus on the things that bring us joy and make us truly happy.


-M. McLaughlin Jr.

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