JPope & Funk Friday

If you want someone who is real and doesn’t give two fucks about your opinion then you want Jpope & Funk Friday. I truly have no other way to put Jpope’s style and attitude than REAL 100% in your face. If you like Lauryn Hill then you will love Jpope and Funk Friday. I had the opportunity to see them perform at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD. During her performance she yelled out to the crowed how many of y’all voted for Trump?……. After a short pause and no one willing to admit to the stupid mistake they had made (being a Trump supporter) she laughed and then asked again how many of y’all voted for Trump? A small crowed in the back got their balls up and cheered out she quickly silenced them by saying “Fuck all of y’all” and faded into the next song gracefully. Jpope and Funk Friday have become one of my favorite groups to just turn on and vibe to at any point of the day they combine an old school funk feel with the amazing lyrics of Jpope, that leave you begging for more. We where able to speak with Jpope after the show as soon as you walk up to her she will greet you like a long time friend and is more than willing to give you her outlook on life as well as listen to your opinion. What I took away from the conversation was that no one should live in fear, fear of prosecution based on your skin color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or income. I would now demand you to check them out.    Reminiscing by J Pope and Funk Friday

-M.Mclaughli Jr.

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