How to Fix a Sticky Grinder

GrinderGot a sticky grinder? Don’t have anything but hot water? That’s cool we got this!


  1. Separate the top 2 chambers form the bottom, so that you are left with only parts that have teeth.
  2. Remove as much plant matter as possible using what ever you have available. Paper clips are good.
  3. Once you have removed everything you care to keep, put the 2 halves back together.
  4. Turn on your water. You want it to be hot, but not to burn your self. Again, NOT SO HOT YOU HURT OR BURN YOUR SELF!
  5. With the 2 halves of your grinder together place it under the water with the open side up so that water can get in.
  6. Start to slowly turn your grinder just as you would when you grind up your herb of choice, only upside down. Keep the water running into the grinder.
  7. Take your 2 halves apart and lay them on a window ledge, teeth up, to dry.
  8. Repeat this as necessary and you should save your self time and frustration throughout your life.

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