Sex, Drugs and Suicide

O’Reilly Gets the Pink Slip, Aaron Hernandez Committed Suicide, Over 21,000 Drug Cases may be Dismissed in Massachusetts, Two Russian Bombers Fly Near Alaska, Ivanka Trump Secures Trademarks in China, Arkansas Executes a Prisoner, and a Spill Occurs During the Construction of a New Pipeline.

Trump Plays Risk

Detainees go on Hunger Strike, United Airlines Forcibly Removed a Man from a Plane, White House will Keep Visitor Log Secret, Justin Trudeau Proposes a Bill to Legalize Recreational Cannabis in Canada, US Drops the “Mother of All Bombs” on Afghanistan, and Naval Destroyers are Prepared to Fire on North Korea.

U.S. Launches Airstrike on Syrian Airbase

U.S. Launches an Airstrike on a Syrian Airbase, A Baltimore Senator Took Bribes, Republicans Use “Nuclear Option” to Confirm Gorsuch, Arkansas Rushes Executions, A Girl Was Found Living with Monkeys in India, and Baltimore Will Reform their Police Department.