Vetting a Canna-Enthusiast

If you’ve found your way to this article, you’ve probably been smoking in public since you’ve been smoking in the first place, but now is the time for us to introduce others to the joy of medicating between shifts or while going about town. We’ve all been in a situation where we need to medicate for pain reasons, or just to simply bring the edge off social scenarios. In some cases, it may even be a way to socialize when alcohol isn’t available or isn’t the healthiest option.

The act of being that first friend is a time honored tradition amongst those of us who partake, and at this age, it’s time to welcome some newbies in. Help somebody who made it through their 20’s without partaking get into it slowly and steadily, and you may just help educate your next investor or plug. Not everybody had a good friend or relative who could let them in on it. Not everybody was able to keep their connections or live in a free state. This is the time to be that friend who can get around a thick cultural barrier and introduce somebody to something helpful. Hopefully we can make sure everybody has access and feels accepted in this new community we’re building together.

Start to keep a small bit of some inexpensive extract and a decent, but ultimately losable,
vaporizing unit. Make sure you’re okay with losing it, because odds are that friend is going to ask for it, or forget to give it back at the end of the day. You may luck out and have a local manufacturer, but often you can find a cheap unit at your local tobacco shop or glass gallery. Make sure it’s charged and moderately clean so you can give your associate the most accurate idea of what makes each strain special.

Don’t go super heavy in one direction and keep it light. Blue dream, is going to jump to the front of everybody’s list, but I would even stick with your local dispensaries house product (as long as it’s not super sativa-y) or something middle of the road like GG#4 or a Girl Scout Cookies. If you do the pre-filled cartridge thing I advise going lower on the terps. Something too sweet or pungent defeats the purpose of what should feel like a boring day out to a vet canna-thusiast. If using a pen or vape that uses a coil, don’t grab something too sticky or dusty. If it’s hard to use, it’s hard to get somebody started. There’ll be plenty of opportunity to break out some craziness later. If you’re just disk golfing for the afternoon, keep it simple.
When you go out with the less public smoker, give them the pen and promise to handle the minutiae of it. You can then dose yourself through your chosen method, without the fear of having to deal with somebody who’s not exactly on your frequency. Let them experience how to dose themselves, instead of having somebody try to slam a dab into their brain, and enjoy the medicine for what it is. If you’re doing it right, there should be no fine tuning on your pen, just hit the button and blast off. Sit back and wait for the giggles. As always, keep some water handy and be ready for questions!